TDG Realty client's profile is for those customers and companies that due to their responsabilities and the type of business they have, they do not have too much time to manage or participate actively in the real estate Business and they understand that they need assistance.  Based on the aboved mentioned we assit you with the property, with the contractact and with YOU ,our customer.  How?  I will tell you.

WITH THE PROPERTY:  It starts on the property's price according to market and property's conditions.  Quotates on the repairs or remodeling, verify the job, supervision and final inspection.

WITH THE CONTRACT: Property marketing, tenants' elegibility and qualification.  Fully execution of the contract, collect rent and do inventory.  Once the property is rented, TDG takes care of the owner's and tenants responsabilities.  We also meke sure rules and regulations are enforced.

WITH YOU, OUR CUSTOMER:  In a monthly basis we keep a personalized service including a report where you can verify your account.  In case of non payment rental, TDG Realty starts an eviction process which includes: 3 days notice, the eviction summons and the eviction itself.  In case of any legal advice we suggest professional services.  These are separate costs for landlord, not included in the management fee.