"We have one of the most proactive preventive maintenance programs in the industry. We have a customized property management software where every task is recorded , every problem is identified and solved. The system keep updated report for each property we handle.

Maintenance has   several objectives:

  • preserve , enhance property and assets.
  • ensure safety of residents, guests, and owners family.
  • operate the physical building and provide resident needs.
  • helps to control over all cost  such as deductibles paid for insurance due to casualty claims and materials.
  • reduces insurance claims and costs.
  • property well maintained will operate more efficiently
  • property well maintained will  sustain a higher resale value.

Types of maintenance:

  • Routine maintenance  are recurring maintenance activities, usually scheduled, and requiring constant oversight. Examples: lawn mowing , cleaning/vacuuming, window washing, pool cleaning, etc....
  • Preventive maintenance are periodic maintenance performed on property, machinery, or components to ensure proper operation to avoid break downs and prolong useful life ofthe asset. Examples: appliances, stand-by generators, air conditioners, residential elevators, sealing roofs,  cleaning sewer pipes and clean-outs, water softeners systemst , back flow systems, etc....
  • Emergency Services Maintenance responses to emergencies or unpredictable problems and breakdown. Examples: roofleaks, pipe in wall breaks, leak in emergency generators fuel tank, damages caused by storm or hurricane , water flood, etc....
  • Depending upon extent and nature ofthe problem  WE ARE THERE 24 HOURS/7  DAYS TO RESPONCE."